Powder Spray Walls

Powder spray walls are used in the second stage (application) of the powder coating process. A powder spray wall is used as an alternative for a powder spray booth. The walls are used when the painter has limited space. The functions of the equipment are similar to those of a spray booth, to provide dust filtration and maintain the required airflow. Basically, a spray wall is a filtration system that lacks walls and a roof.

Spray walls are as functional as spray booths. They help the coater save on floor space and yet deliver quality finish on small frames, wheels, and parts.

Some powder spray walls have a reclamation system. The air circulating in the workshop is drawn to the face of the wall, carrying overspray with it. The air is then drawn into the filtered plenum stationed at the base of the powder spray wall. The air is taken through several filtering chambers before being released back to the room at the end of the spray wall. Some of the walls feature disposable filters which are easier to inspect and replace when they wear out or malfunction.

Considerations When Choosing Powder Spray Walls

Construction: Every company has its construction specifications. Nevertheless, you should consider companies which distribute threaded key parts to simplify the assembly process and eliminate field welding. To ensure longevity, go for a booth with thick walls and roof, especially those made from galvanized steel. Powder spray walls with an exhaust system in more than one wall are preferred to those with only one exhaust system in a single wall.

Lighting: As much as you want the overspray to be eliminated from the workspace, you also need lighting to enhance visibility. Go for a powder spray wall that has several light fixtures mounted on the roof. The fixtures should be mounted on reinforced panels to ensure longevity. Fixtures that can only be accessed from the exterior of the booth are an added advantage.

Exhaust unit: Though one exhaust unit is enough, two are better, especially if you want quality output. A standard exhaust system has a three-stage or two-stage filter system. Go for powder spray walls with exhaust units which are made from thick galvanized steel.

Control: In the current industrial times, control is everything. Go for a powder spray wall with a control panel which allows the coater to switch the lights on or off and start or stop the exhaust fans. Some control panels have over-current protection. More upgraded walls feature adjustable airflow through a face-mounted control knob.

Different walls have different filter systems. The filter system for a wall is defined by parameters such as powder throughput and type of powder.

Some companies distribute portable powder spray walls. These walls are flexible, and you can easily relocate, reconfigure, and expand as your requirements changes. Powder spraying walls work best for small surfaces.