Powder Coating Booth

Each time you spray the powder paint, some of it will end up in the air or on the floor instead of the intended surface. This stray powder is referred to as overspray. The main function of the powder spray booth is to eliminate the overspray from a workstation. The powder spray booth is specifically designed to ensure that the rest of the workshop is clean and the air is clear for you to continue with your work efficiently. If you desire quality results, you must have a power spray booth. Like other equipment, there are several types and sizes of powder coating booths. You can select one that suits your area of application.

Despite the size, all powder spray booths are equipped with at least one exhaust fan. The exhaust has filters that capture the overspray. If the exhaust and its filters are in good working condition, the airflow in the powder coating booth should withhold the overspray in the enclosure, enabling the painter to see what he/she is doing. If the workshop includes blasting and welding areas, the filtered doors on the booth will help keep airborne contaminants off your final product.

Considerations When Acquiring a Booth

Design of the booth: In the market, there are numerous configurations of powder coating booths. You can get a spray booth that suits on your floor space and the work requirements. The booth can simulate a tunnel with the filtration assembled on the walls or floor. It can also have doors in one end or be open-faced.

Longevity: When considering longevity, the cost factor comes in. It is important to choose a booth that will last longer and withstand operations over the years. The more durable the booth is, the less the owner will pay in the long run as it won’t be replaced soon.

Size of the booth: The greatest mistake a painter can make is spending a fortune to acquire a booth that is too big or spend less for one that is too small. Before buying a booth, consider your needs based on the current capacity and future growth. Most booths are custom-built, so all you need to do is to know your capacity and plan effectively.

A booth with a reclamation system: Sometimes, the wasted overspray could be so much, especially if the gun is malfunctioned. You might want to consider recycling the overspray. All you need to add to your spray booth is a reclamation system. This system has pleated cartridge filters that facilitate the recovery and reuse of the overspray. The stray powder is trapped by the filters and then released to a reclamation bin for reuse. It can only be cost-effective if you plan to use one type and color of the powder.

In more advanced reclamation systems, the overspray is automatically cleaned, mixed with fresh powder, and then directed to the supply hopper for use by the powder gun. If you are working with multiple colors and you want to reclaim the overspray, you will require a set of detachable filter modules. The cost of buying the multiple modules is very high as you can only collect a single color at each module.

Go for a booth with advanced features: Powder coating booths are enclosures that help contain powder from spreading all over the place. Nevertheless, there are booths with more advanced features that offer more than an enclosure. For instance, some booths have filtered doors, VFD airflow control, and advanced HEPA filtration.